O2SkinCare™ oxygenating products are the only formulas delivering high concentrations bio-available oxygen from the active ingredient Ox66®, aka "Powdered Oxygen". See all our Frequently Asked Questions, and submit yours to o2skincare66@gmail.com.

O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray FAQs

How is O2SkinCare™ different from other products?

O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray’s active ingredient interacts with the natural acidity of skin, which allows oxygen to be released and absorbed through the epidermis and dermis layers, providing oxygen deep at the cellular level. This helps to address pain, reduce scarring, and accelerate cell turnover very quickly. Other sprays, serums and creams effect the topical layer of the skin only and do not provide rejuvenation from the inside out like O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray.

What are the benefits and features of O2SkinCare™?

O2SkinCare™ products are safe and effective for all skin types and ages. O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray provides oxygen to the skin, essential for optimal skin health as oxygen functions as a nutrient and antibiotic, is anti-inflammatory, and promotes collagen formation, reducing pain and swelling, and counters oxidative stress that causes wrinkles.

When is O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray used?

Use O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray anytime you want to oxygenate your skin, day or
night. As a non-staining veil like spritz, you can apply it anytime, anywhere. At your desk for a pick-me-up, after the gym to refresh skin, or as an after-sun skin hero for a cooling and calming effect. After spritzing, follow up with a good moisturizer to keep the skin well hydrated. To help with acne or rosacea, spray 2-3 times on the face and neck or as necessary. For psoriasis, spritz onto affected area both morning and evening, cover with a moisturizing cream such as one containing aloe and/or hyaluronic acid or glycerin.  Most importantly, when injured your skin is under oxidative stress, whether from a scrape, burn or cut, or from bacterial or fungal infections, you need the extra oxygen that O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray can provide. Apply often and keep the area covered if possible.

How should O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray be used?

For best results, shake and spray onto clean skin, holding the bottle approximately inches (13-15 cm) from the skin. No need to wipe or wash the skin subsequently.

As O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray are not dried or washed, is it possible for the particles left on the face to cause skin blemishes under the sun?

O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray doesn’t cause skin blemishes, and in fact, the product has some sun protection built in with the formula. Note that we recommend using a sunscreen product along with your O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray when spending time in the sun.

Will O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray cause irritation if it contacts the eye? What should we do if the product contacts the eye?

No, the product does not cause eye irritation, however, we recommend avoiding eye contact if wearing contacts. In this case, please remove the contact(s) and follow normal contact cleaning procedures.

How often can I use O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray? Will it damage my skin if overused?

You can use the spray as often as you like, it is safe and non-toxic, does not damage the skin, and you simply cannot overuse it. Typical use is once in the morning and again at bedtime, or anytime your skin needs extra protection (sun, wind, air pollution).

Is the product dermatologically tested?

O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray has been tested by a dermatologist. Additionally, our products are backed by over a decade of research and years of use without any adverse effects reported. Since 2019 the product has been used by safely and effectively at dermatologist offices and by licensed estheticians following procedures such as micro needling, plasma pen, filler and Botox® injections.

What is the shelf life of O2SkinCare™ Spray?

O2SkinCare™ Face & Body Spray should be used within 12 months after opening.