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O2SkinCare™ 360 Health Bundle - 50ml

O2SkinCare™ 360 Health Bundle - 50ml

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Each of these oxygenating products deliver remarkable results on their own, and when you use them!   

By adding the O2Boost™ Powdered Oxygen Capsules to your bundle, you are able to deliver supplemental Oxygen to your body from both the inside and out.  

The 30ml 360 Health Bundle Package includes: 

1 - 2oz O2Skincare Face Spray; and 

1 - 50ml O2Skincare Face Cream Pump 

1 - O2Boost Capsules (30 count)   

Enjoy this take-home version of the "O2SkinCare Oxygen Facial" at an introductory price and in our introductory packaging.   

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